Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm Alive!

Yes. Hello. It's me, Lily. For you guys that are still following me (thank you!), you might remember that there was a high school girl that use to make beauty posts about all her favorite makeup products and would share about her beauty shopping purchases. Well, she is still here! Except more mature because she is now a sophomore in college. I really do want to apologize with not being consistent with my blog, however I am reviving it with a whole new look, new content, and maybe even a new name. One thing that is definitely going to change is that my blog will expand from just a beauty blog to a lifestyle/beauty blog.

I do feel that my life is more interesting now as a sophomore in college, rather  than as a senior high school student. Just slightly. I would say that within the past year of being in college that I have changed as a person, I have experienced many new things, I have matured (ehh not really), and my whole life is completely different. I have many life stories to tell, as well as many beauty posts to get out on this blog soon!

I was going to make a completely different blog and just start from scratch, but I always do that and I am going stick to this one and mold it into the blog that I want it to be. This blog is my baby and I will make it grow! Let me know if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, advice, etc. in the comment section below, because that would make me very happy. :)

- Lily <3