Friday, April 20, 2012

Mini Haul! + Thank You!

I got a few things this week for myself and I got the Dior Oil Blotting Sheets and Nivea A Kiss of Shine Natural Glossy Lip Care, as well as the Bio-Oil and Etude Sleeping Pack from a very lovely swapper. I really wanted to get the Nivea lip balm/gloss to see how it compares to my amazing Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecter, but it really doesn’t compare at all. There are very few similarities between the two products. I might do a comparison post, but I'm not sure yet. I got the Dior Oil Blotting Sheets because I can never have enough and I’m an oil slick! I haven’t tried the Bio-Oil or Etude Sleeping Pack yet, but I’m excited to try them! I’ve heard great things about the Bio-Oil and the Etude Sleeping Pack would seem like a great mask! I tried the mask on the back of my hand and it seems pretty promising. There is no way that I'm actually going to sleep in this mask, but I will make sure to have this on for a long time. I'm hoping to use the Bio-Oil to get rid of an acne scars and hopefully it won't break me out. I did get a few other things this week as well, but I don't deem them very interesting, since the products are just products that I repurchased and have used before. I do have a few packages coming in with BB Creams that I can not wait to try! Let me know if any of you guys want me to do any specific posts or any review of the items I have mentioned. 

On another note, I have been blogging on this beauty blog for exactly a month and two days and I can not thank you guys enough for reading my posts and following me! I've gotten so much feedback from you guys and I'm so grateful! Thank you so much! <3


  1. I really want to try out the bio oil. Heard so many good things about it. x

  2. I need to purchase the bio oil. My skin tone is uneven, horribly uneven.

  3. how do you like the nivea balm? i'd like a comparison review!

    1. I'll try to do a mini post on it soon! =]