Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Wish List

Spring is here (Summer in Florida) and I have been keeping my eyes on a few items this season. Few of the things I’ve been liking is bright and colorful blazers and pants. Along with loose shirts and sweaters. I have been looking for my graduation dress and I really like floral or lace dresses. I actually love floral and lace in general! I’m not usually much of a dress person, but I want my graduation dress to look really nice. For accessories, I really like the look of crystal cord bracelets and they just make any outfit extra fun! As for some classic accessories, I have been really wanting Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Domed Earrings that would match my Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch so perfectly! As well as the Sam Edelman Studded Frankie Ballet Flats and I am a total flats girl and I think these are just a very nice pair to wear for everyday.
With Spring/Summer, I love the fact that makeup gets more colorful and brighter as well. So, I am going to be getting some new MAC blushes and lipsticks that are in the peaches/coral family. However, with new makeup coming along means new storage. I have notice that my makeup storage is not working for me, since my makeup collection has grown so much that my storage just can not contain all my makeup products anymore! It hasn’t grown completely out of control where I have to buy another storage unit, but it has grown to the extent where I just need something else to store my makeup. I’ve been really wanting a nice Tory Burch cosmetic bag and it will be nice just to keep my everyday essentials and to make some extra room in my makeup storage. To be honest, the cosmetic bag is probably not going to be enough to really make that much room in my makeup storage, but I think I’m going to purge some of my makeup products away, so it will be fine. Lastly, I am moving away and going to college in merely just a couple months, so it would be nice to have extra luggage to easily transport my belongings to where I will be staying at college. These are currently the items that I have been really interested in and it would be great to know what you guys currently have on your wish list right now, so if you want to share you can easily comment down below!
-Lily <3


  1. Hey, cute post! Just stumbled upon your blog and am now your newest follower! Please check out my blog and follow if you like what you see :)


  2. I am so totally with you on the colored blazer and denim! I like your picks a lot! So spring and summer appropriate, especially with this weather that we're having!