Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Favorite Youtubers

Alex is such a sophisticated and successful woman! I admire her so much and she has impeccable taste!
  • ttsandra <3
Sandra is not only my favorite Youtuber, but she is also my favorite blogger! I always get so excited when I see that she posted a new video or blog post up. Sandra just seems so nice and genuine! She not only has impeccable taste as well, but she is also very intelligent! I honestly always love everything that she recommends and love as well. 
  • zoella280390 <3
Zoe is so adorable! She is such a cute and bubbly girl! I think her blog is absolutely fantastic! Zoe is gorgeous, so nice, and has a great sense of humor!
  • pixi2woo
Tanya is probably the most optimistic and bubbly person on Youtube! Of course her makeup tutorials are amazing, but she is such a happy person all the time! I love how Tanya is so energetic and just brightens up everything!
  • pixiwoo
Sam and Nic are great sisters and they are amazing professional makeup artists! I would love to meet them one day!
  • lisaeldridgedotcom
Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist and I love that she does makeup tutorials, because I gain so much from watching her videos and her videos are always so interesting!
  • FleurDeForce
Fleur is amazing! I honestly wish I can know Fleur in real life, because she seems like such a genuine person that is very relatable! I love that she lives in the countryside in England and she has such a cute family with her boyfriend, Woof, and her cats!
  • ThePersianbabe
I honestly have never seen such a mature and sophisticated 18 year old my whole life! Barbara is so mature and I love her taste in makeup!
  • Secretsgirl10
Ally has great taste and she reminds me of Victoria Beckham!
  • RAEview
I love that Rachel is an intelligent and articulate women that is able to review and give great information through her videos! Her videos are so informative and she has impeccable taste in makeup. 
  • xclosetoreal
She is so gorgeous and so cute! I always enjoy watching her videos!
  • missglamorazzi
Ingrid is like an American Fleur. Enough said. lmao! xD
  • ViviannaDoesMakeup <3
Vivianna does a great job at her videos and her blog is really amazing! I think her experience/education in PR really makes her a really great beauty blogger. 
  • JennaMarbles
Jenna is like my friend in real life and she is hilarious. Enough said. lol
  • simonandmartina
I love South Korea and Simon and Martina gives me my Korean "fix". That sounds so weird! lol
  • charlieissocoollike
Charlie is British, cool, funny, and cute! =]

<3 = Youtube Channel & Blog Favorite!

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